Terms & Condition


Area of applicability

  • These general terms and conditions apply for all services and deliveries by the hotel.
  • Should the hotel change its general terms and conditions before the termination of the contract, the updated version is incorporated into the contract if the partner to the contract is informed about this in writing with reference to these legal consequences and the partner does not object to the incorporation within a period of 14 days.
  • The Guest’s general terms and conditions shall only form part of this contract if the hotel consents in writing to the incorporation in whole or for individually specified points.

Conclusion of the contract

  • The contract (hereafter also referred to as the “Booking”) comes into effect on request from the Guest through the acceptance by the hotel. The hotel is free to confirm the booking in writing.
  • If a third party makes the booking for the Guest, it is liable to the hotel as the booking party together with the Guest as joint debtor.

Services, prices, payment, billing

  • The hotel is obligated to perform the services ordered by the Guest and agreed to by the hotel.
  • The Guest is obligated to pay the hotel the agreed prices for these and other services enlisted. This also applies for hotel services and expenses induced by it for third parties.
  • If the hotel rescinds with good cause, the Guest has no claim for compensation.
  • The agreed prices include the current applicable Taxes. Should the rate of Taxes applicable to the contractual services increase or decrease after the conclusion of the contract, the prices shall be adjusted accordingly.
  • If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the fulfilment of the contract as defined by the contractual agreements exceeds four months and the general price charged for such services is increased by the hotel, this can increase the contractually agreed price as appropriate, but by 5 % at the most.
  • The hotel is entitled to increase the prices if municipal duties (culture tax, visitor’s tax, etc.) for the accommodation are increased. The price increase is limited to the costs of the abovementioned duties.