War Memorial

The Main Monument consists of three curved walls in black marble bearing the inscribed names of the those who laid down their lives in the service of the motherland on five of their faces and a mural on the sixth. Rising from a circular shallow pool having a central bowl and twenty one water jets, these walls signify the three wings of the armed forces, while their curved shape indicates the continuity and onward movement of human and national life. The beds of pink, red and white roses along the circumambulatory path around the wall, however, depict childhood, youth and old age and subsequent death of an individual. A person dies but the nation and mankind live on. The mural symbolizes the flame of national freedom. The stout arms are holding it aloft, our heroes are making a determined effort to keep it ever high and ever burning and while doing so, are achieving martyrdom. Garlands and medals around them represent a grateful nation’s gratitude to them.


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